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AX5043 Code Generator

If you want to understand the AX5043 transceiver on the Transceiver Board for the Raspberry Pi, it sometimes helps to examine sample code. To this end, ON Semiconductor has released AX-RadioLab.

AX-RadioLab is a configuration and firmware source code generation tool for the AX5043 transceiver. While the generated code is for ON Semiconductor’s AX8052F100 microcontroller, you can use that code to understand how the AX5043 functions. In addition, if you also have the DVK-2 Evaluation Kit this generated code runs on that board.

To obtain the software and documentation, check out:

Be sure to observe the license placed on the generated code. While you are not prevented from using the code to learn the functions of the AX5043, the license does prohibit porting the software to processors other than the AX8052F100. (Editorial: Why would ON Semiconductor place this barrier in the way of using their AX5043 transceiver?!?)