Monthly Archives: August 2018

Simulation of the AX5043 Reference Baluns

I wanted to understand the characteristics of the baluns included in the AX5043 datasheet. So, I did a bit of research with QUCS (Quite Universal Circuit Simulator). If I properly created the simulations for the AX5043 reference baluns in the AX5043 datasheet, the results are helpful.

These simulations provide information on which frequencies can be used with each reference design.

Frequency Band 868/915 MHz:


Frequency Band 470 MHz:


Frequency Band 433 MHz:


Frequency Band 169 MHz:


KiCad Design Files

The KiCad design files for the Digital Transceiver for the Raspberry Pi have been posted to GitHub. Admittedly, there are some tweaks I’d like to make:

  • Eliminate the current need for the cache libraries after upgrading the files to KiCad 5.0
  • Eliminate the traces used to get the ground plane stitching to work
  • Reduce the size of the crystal solder pads

But, these design files demonstrably work! You can find them in the Brandenburg Tech GitHub repository.